My LinkedIn profile is not showing in google but shows up in bing

This isn’t unique to chrome, but it is unique to google. Bing shows my Linked in profile (when searching for my name), but Google doesn’t. Can anybody let me know why my Linkedin public profile doesn’t show up in google, but it shows up as the #1 when searched for in bing?

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  1. Editorial Team says:


    I was also having the same issue. I tried every possible ways except a clean uninstall chrome. So I’d suggest you to do the followings:

    1) Turn any antivirus off. Or uninstall if you think Windows Defender is enough for your device security.

    2) Before uninstalling, be advised to turn on syncing of your google account to get back all of your extensions, pass, browsing history etc.

    3) Now uninstall Chrome browser. N.B. Check the box to delete all browsing data while uninstalling.

    4) Reinstall Chrome and log into your google account to get back all the data.

    5) Start browsing again.

    Thus my issue is solved.

  2. Editorial Team says:

    I’ve had issues with Linkedin specifically for weeks. Today, I clicked the lock icon as shown above and didn’t have an option to enable javascript, but did have the option to enable flash – which I’ve been getting warnings about becoming deprecated soon for the last several months.

    I turned flash back on and everything loaded as expected…

  3. Editorial Team says:

    To fix this, you need to enable Javascript in site settings. Click the ‘lock’ icon next to linkedin in the address bar. If Javascript is disabled, it should show so right there and you can enable it. Or, you may have to click site settings and go find Javascript and change the drop down menu to ‘Allow’. Afterwards, you need to refresh the page.

  4. Editorial Team says:

    Hello there All
    I just fixed my problem by Reset browser settings.
    Hope It will be work.

  5. Editorial Team says:

    Do you experience this issue also in the Chrome incognito mode (with no Chrome extensions enabled)?

  6. Editorial Team says:

    Problem is solved with a new chrome update “75.0.3770.90”

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