Web Design

When we design a website, we don’t just make it look good, we make it easy for your customers to find. Our search engine optimisation and submission service is also available for existing sites.


At Goldennet Computer Services, we believe a site should:

  Meet the needs of your target audience.

  Build or further reinforce your brand, image and awareness.

  Attract a loyal user base through personalised information delivery.

  Be beautiful through design and functionality. 

Before we design a site, we spend a great deal of time looking at the sales logic we build into all of our solutions.

Every detail of a site’s ability to achieve a set of commercial objects is considered.
Our clients work with us to develop interactive concepts that are manageable and designed to fulfil branding, usability and corporate objectives alike.
Once a site is complete, We are able to develop complete launch strategies and assist with distribution agreements with major content providers.