Scale SEO with the new WebSite X5 version 16

2020-08-04 23:08

Have you ever heard the expression “if you want to hide a dead body put it on the second page of Google”? That’s right, sites that are able to position themselves among the first results of the SERP- the Google results page- are found more easily and faster and catalyze almost all clicks by users. How do they do it? By applying SEO rules and strategies.


Certainly, SEO is a rather complex matter. With the article “Discover SEO”, we tried to briefly explain what it is and why it is important. We also saw that, fortunately, there are optimizations that are as simple as fundamental and are available to all, especially for those who are not experts and must create a website from scratch. At the end of this post you will find other useful tips for creating a SEO optimized website.

Luckily, in this SEO scaling to conquer the peaks of the Google SERP, you are not alone! WebSite X5 supports you in many ways and, with the new version 16, does even more! Let’s have a look at all the new details.

HTML5 to search for a SEO optimized website

To make a SEO friendly website, the first aspect you have to take into consideration and focus on is precisely the HTML code of the pages.

You don’t have to worry about this at all: WebSite X5 automatically creates the code of the pages and you can rest assured that it makes that using the best suited languages and technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) and following the best practices.

In particular, in version 16 we have introduced new HTML5 tags useful for a proper segmentation of the pages, that is, for a subdivision of the same in distinct parts. For example, with specific tags such as header, main and footer, we have improved the code avoiding that structural components of the template to be included in the content. Regarding Blogs, we have introduced the tags article and aside: the first one is useful for defining the portions of the code concerning an article and, therefore, for improving its visualization; the second one is helpful for excluding the sidebar from the semantics of the page and, therefore, to better define the various blocks that will compose it.

All of these semantic HTML5 tags allow you to improve the code and help you to create a SEO optimized website.

Google AMP pages to create a fast and mobile friendly website

We talked about blogs. If your objective is to create a SEO optimized Blog, take into account that one of the important factors assessed by search engines is the upload speed. In this sense, you will be happy to know that in the WebSite X5 Professional version 16 we have introduced the possibility to create AMP websites for the articles of your Blog.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a Google project that provides the creation of a lighter version than the normal web pages so that they are faster to upload and particularly suitable for a mobile device visualization.

To ensure that an AMP version of the articles on your Blog is created, in WebSite X5 you do not need to do anything but check an option: your content will have a plus especially if it is displayed in the carousel on the first page of the SERP that Google dedicates to this type of content.

Headings and styles for readable and well-structured pages

To create an HTML website whose contents are easily accessible via search engines- and also easily readable by people- you must pay attention not only to what you say but also to how you present it: remember to take care of the formatting of the texts and their clear division into paragraphs.


Precisely for this reason, in WebSite X5 Professional v16 we have introduced the ability to enter headings of paragraphs through the use of heading tags H1..H6. It is very simple: once the style of the headings is defined (the titles of your paragraphs), you can apply them to the text directly by the editor. The corresponding H1..H6 tags will automatically be associated to the text.

Page 404: turning error into opportunity

When creating your SEO optimized website, don’t forget to also consider page 404: it is the error page that indicates the lack of content and which appears in all cases of “broken” links.

In front of a blank page with technical content, the visitor tends to leave the site in favor of a competitor. For this reason, for both the purpose of SEO optimization and for the permanence of the visitor on the website, it is important that you are also able to manage the error by creating a page 404.

We had already introduced the ability to set up a page 404 in version 15 of WebSite X5; now, with version 16 we improved its management so as to also facilitate the manual configuration via .htaccess files. You have everything you need to proceed in the best way.

Other tips for creating a SEO optimized website

After this series of innovations introduced in version 16 of WebSite X5 with the objective of helping you to improve the positioning of your website on search engines, here are- as promised at the beginning- some practical tips.


to create a SEO friendly website, firstly you must carry out a good keyword search. If you can identify the words that users search most often on the web, you can use them to set your content. All of this is important not only for creating a useful website for users and usable by an interested audience, but to facilitate the positioning of the pages in the search results.

It is important that you insert the key words in the texts in a natural way. Help yourself with the correlated keywords: they will allow you to enhance the topics discussed by avoiding excessive repetitions.


the texts must always be accompanied by images that visually “break” the blocks of text, making the reading more pleasant. Take care of renaming the images using your keywords.


links are the foundation of the Internet. Try to insert connections to other articles of your website that are relevant to the topic: they favor the positioning and help Google to understand what your website/blog is about. Equally important are the links to other websites, as long as they are authoritative sites and have content related to the subject: you could receive traffic and reputation through these links.


as mentioned, to create a SEO optimized website, you must make the content clear and readable, for this reason, structure it into paragraphs and subparagraphs and highlight the titles using the H1..H6 tags.


you can decide what the URL of each page of your website will be. Make sure all the addresses are short, significant and contain the main keyword of the page.


to create a SEO optimized website, make periodic and constant updates so you will have increased visibility in search engines and you will maintain a continuous and increased contact with your readers.


to allow yourself to create a secure website, we have verified that the HTML code generated by WebSite X5 conforms to the requirements of the GDPR (if you do not know what it is, we suggest “GDPR: what it is, what it changes, what to do”). Be careful preparing the necessary procedures of data processing and the necessary documentation.


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