How to Remove the Date from Your WordPress Posts

2019-06-10 12:30

How to Remove the Date from Your WordPress Posts

If the content on your site isn’t time-oriented, you may want to remove the dates from your posts since this information isn’t relevant.

Removing the date may also be helpful if you don’t regularly update your site – posts with older dates can give the impression that your content is outdated.

Removing the Date With a Plugin

The easiest way to remove the date is with the WP Post Date Remover.

While this plugin hasn’t been updated since 2012, I tested it and it still works fine.

There are no options with this plugin. Just install and activate it and it will remove the dates from your homepage, pages and posts.

The only problem with this plugin is that for newer themes like Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Thirteen it doesn’t remove the clock icon. If this is an issue with your theme, you may want to try implementing the code below.

Removing the Date With Code

It’s quick and easy to remove the date from your posts. Simply create a child theme and add the following snippet to your newly created stylesheet:

{code type=php}
.entry-date {
display: none;

This code will remove both the date and the clock icon that displays next to the date on themes such as Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Thirteen.

I tested this code with all the default WordPress themes. While it completely removes the dates on all themes, it doesn’t remove words such as “Posted on”, which is usually published before the date on the Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven themes.

To remove the extra words for Twenty Eleven, click on Editor in the admin sidebar and open functions.php. Search the text for “Posted on” and you’ll find this code:
Twenty Eleven code

Remove the associated text in your functions.php file to completely remove the date from your posts.
Delete “Posted on.” You may also want to capitalize “By” so it looks correct on the front-end.

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