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2019-05-22 22:34

Creating Email Links

To create an email link, you can type your email address as normal text, then add a link to that text to (replace with your email address.) If you are not sure how to add a link to text, please see our guide.

Another method of doing this is with the following HTML:


<a href="">Email me!</a>

You can place that code into the HTML editor of any page or into a text widget and customize it accordingly.


Creating Phone Links

Most modern mobile phone browsers include the ability to call a number directly from a website via the Click to Call feature. However, not all browsers automatically turn the phone number into a clickable link so here’s how to do this manually.

If your phone number is +1 (333) 333 4444, link the text to tel:+1-333-333-4444.

You can also use the HTML method:

<a href="tel:+1-333-333-4444">+1 (333) 333 4444</a>

Always use the international dialing format in HTML.


Creating WhatsApp Links

You can add a WhatsApp link to your site which will allow readers to send you a message using WhatsApp on their smartphone or WhatsApp Web.

If your phone number is +1 (333) 333 4444, link the text to

If you use the HTML method, you can use this format:

<a href="">Send me a WhatsApp message!</a>

Again, always use the international dialing format in HTML

You can also invite your visitors to join a WhatsApp group. To do this, you can first generate the link:

Open the group you want to add an invite for in your WhatsApp app.
Click on the group name to see the group settings. Towards the end, you will see the participants and an option to invite participants with a link.
Copy the link (it looks something like
Add the link to your page, post, or text widget.

Creating Skype Links

You can create a link that opens a Skype call.

If your Skype username is “skypeusername”, link the text to skype:skypeusername?call.

You can also use this HTML:

<a href="skype:skypeusername?call">Skype call to skypeusername account</a>

Just like other links, these can be added in pages, posts, Text Widgets or Custom HTML Widgets.
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